Anti-Ragging Cell 

The Anti-Ragging Cell of Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya has been formed as per UGC guidelines. It strictly follows the Rules and Regulations of UGC and its affiliating University. It is a dedicated committee established to uphold the institution's commitment to providing a safe and respectful learning environment. The cell ensures the implementation of anti-ragging measures and addresses complaints related to ragging incidents, promoting a culture of dignity, respect, and inclusivity among students.

Moto of Anti-Ragging Cell:

  • Prevent Ragging: To prevent any form of ragging within the campus through awareness, education, and stringent enforcement of anti-ragging policies.
  • Promote Awareness: To educate students about the consequences of ragging and the importance of maintaining a harmonious campus environment.
  • Support Victims: To provide immediate support and assistance to victims of ragging, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.

Composition of the Anti-Ragging Cell:

  1. Pratap Ghosh (Convenor)
    • Contact No.: 8777717287
  2. Ramtanu Satra (Joint-Convenor)
    • Contact No.: 9734340350


  1. Dr. Guddu Singh
    • Contact No.: 9830573071
  2. Rohan Islam
    • Contact No.: 9830363634
  3. Anath Taran Mondal
    • Contact No.: 9732443184
  4. Rabin Bahadur Singh
    • Contact No.: 9851442295

Mechanism for Addressing Anti-Ragging Issues: Stakeholders can report grievances through various channels:

  • Online Portal: Through an online portal for submitting anti-ragging issues conveniently. Click to Report
  • Email: Official email address:
  • Drop Boxes: Confidential drop boxes placed at the college campus.
  • Direct Reporting: Stakeholders can directly approach any member of the Anti-Ragging Cell to report their issues.